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Specializing in love-focused, budget-friendly weddings.

We're all about celebrations that are unique as you are! Let's make this all about you and


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Month- of

You have a venue, found all the vendors,  signed every contract, but you need help actually planning what the day will look like. I'll be here to help create the timeline, and work with the vendors one month beforehand to make sure we are all on the same page.


For those of you that have planned to the T! You've created all the spreadsheets, the timeline, and have confirmed it with all the vendors. You worked out all the details and just need someone to make sure the day goes smoothly according to your plans!

À la Carte

Want a little more help? Or maybe you just need a few things. Want just someone to coordinate the rehearsal? Or maybe you just need help finding the venue. Whatever it is, let me know and I'll make it happen! 



My name is Tiffany Cheng and I was born and raised right here in sunny Los Angeles. As a teenager, I remember attending a wedding convention with my childhood friend Mandy, flipping through all the idea books and gown catalogs, visualizing a spectrum of  weddings. Still in love with weddings over a decade later, I got to put together Mandy's own wedding, and it was a beautiful celebration that was tailor made just for her and her now husband.

As a seasoned wedding planner, I have seen so many couples of our generation stress about what a wedding "should" be. My motto has always been, "There is no one perfect wedding. There is only YOUR wedding." There are no rules you absolutely have to follow. From the colors and decor to the food and music, every aspect of the wedding should say something about you as a couple and as individuals. I will be your advocate, coordinator, and friend. I will orchestrate the moving pieces of the event, customize the occasion to your specific needs, and make sure your guests have a good time, so you can just be you on the big day!!  


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